Templar Order Motorcycle Club Original (TOMCO) is located in NW Indiana. Original Chapter is the founding chapter for Templar Order Motorcycle Club. Some may ask why have your support logo on your home page. The easy answer is its those that support us make us. The Templar Cross and O image to the left is our support logo which represents our name Templar Order. The inner Cross represents our charitable organization while the helmet represents all the people involved supporting our cause. The crossed swords represent protecting the Organization and those that need help. Our Support motto is: Support the Crusade. To wear this not only shows the support for Templar Order Motorcycle Club, but also your belief in charitable deeds. Know when you put this on, your making a statement of charity and support. We welcome you to our site and if you have any questions feel free to contact us here or on Facebook.

Support the Crusade

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